Reminder: Socio-Cultural Night Monday

Don’t forget to attend our kickoff Ethics of Eating dinner, Socio-Cultural, this Monday night! Panelists include:

  • Michelle Molloy, a graduate landscape architecture student at SUNY-ESF with an interest in food system studies. Molloy worked this past summer as a community geography research assistant, researching disparity in access to fresh produce in Syracuse and studying food justice issues. She will talk about this research, especially in relation to Syracuse. 
  • Michele Jordan, coordinator of the Interreligious Food Consortium of CNY, will talk about what the IFC is doing in regard to food justice issues, and how students can get involved.
  • Douglas Anderson, regional director for Church World Service and director of CROP Walk for this region, will talk about the CROP Walk and global hunger. CROP walk has been adopted as a next project by the SU students involved with the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Challenge; see for more information.
  • Amber Coon, SUNY-ESF student and member of the Syracuse Animal Rights Organization, will discuss how vegan/vegetarian eating contributes to solving the local and global food shortage.

If you missed the deadline to RSVP for Monday’s event, be sure to email to attend next week’s Ecological dinner.


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