Ecological Ethics of Eating Tonight

If you registered for tonight’s Ecological Ethics of Eating seminar, here’s who we have in store:

Matthew Potteiger is Professor of Landscape Architecture at the State University of New York, Syracuse and is the co-author, with Jamie Purinton, of Landscape Narratives: Design Practices for Telling Stories.  His teaching, research and community projects focus on linking food systems with social and ecological systems. This work includes comparative studies of the landscape and food systems of Japanese, Brazilian and North American cities. He has worked on numerous projects aimed at creating a more sustainable and socially just regional food system including helping to establish Syracuse Grows and coordinating local food system stakeholder groups. Foraging is his favorite food procurement strategy.

Forgot to register? The Mind/Body seminar is only a week away, and you have until 8 PM Thursday to email to reserve your spot. Look for a recap of tonight’s event under an “Ecological” page tomorrow.


One Comment on “Ecological Ethics of Eating Tonight”

  1. Caroline says:

    Tonight’s event is at Schine 304 ABC. Next week’s, on Mind/Body issues, is at 500 Hall of Languages. To register for that one, email caroline by Thursday!

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