The finale: Ethical Eating

Tonight’s Ethical seminar features  a student panel. The seminar is coordinated by Father Linus DeSantis, the Catholic chaplain at Hendricks Chapel, and the originator of the idea for this series. He offers the following questions for Ethics of Eating participants to reflect on before tonight’s discussion:

  •      What is ethical eating?
  •      Does it solely pertain to what an individual consumes?
  •      Does ethical eating involve …  vendors, purchasers, quality of food, origin of food, producers, processors?
  •      Is the ethical aspect limited to production & consumption?
  •      Are there other elements or factors surrounding food which come into ethical consideration?
      Come with a thought or two …

Spiritual page and the final seminar!

The Spiritual page is here! And sometime soon, we should be uploading the video that plays before each Ethics of Eating presentation–stay tuned!

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Tonight: Spirituality Panel

Join us tonight in the ABC rooms of Schine for a panel on the spiritual aspects of eating, featuring students of different spiritual traditions, including Catherine Landis:

Catherine, a PhD student in Ecology at SUNY ESF, has practiced Zen since 2000 at the Zen Center of Syracuse along Onondaga Creek. Her dissertation research focuses on the ecological and cultural history of Onondaga Lake. As part of this work, she is developing plant lists for place-based agroforestry projects that serve people, wildlife, and watershed functions. She agrees (with Michael Pollan) that the way we eat represents a profound engagement with the natural world, and a relationship with dozens of other species. Catherine is Treasurer of SU’s Student Buddhist Association and leads the Healthy Monday Meditation at Hendrix Chapel.

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Message about Food Day from “SuperSize Me” documentarian

Our final seminar, Ethics, happens to coincide with the week of Food Day, a nation-wide food awareness event. Here’s a message about it from Morgan Spurlock.

Cooking Workshop Pictures + Next Monday: Spiritual

The cooking workshop page has been updated with pictures and “recipes” from Monday night; enjoy!

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Tonight’s Workshop

For those who registered in advance, tonight’s cooking workshop will be led by Mary Kiernan, professor of Hospitality Management in SU’s Department of Public Health, Food Studies, and Nutrition. In 2000, Chef Kiernan came to Syracuse University to work in Carrier Dome Catering where she managed 42 private suites and numerous other functions related to games and floor dinners. She became an instructor in Hospitality Management in 2007 and is currently studying toward her iMBA at Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management. She specializes in Culinary Arts, is a Culinary Institute of America Professional Chef II, and a Certified Chef de Cuisine of American Culinary Federation.

Mind-Body Page Updated & Cooking Workshop Info

Check out the updated Mind-Body page –sorry it’s a few days late–for a recap of Monday’s events, and take a second glance at Socio-Cultural; thanks to Elizabeth McClain, it’s now (beautiful) image-heavy ^_^

Food news you can use:

GMO Feed Disrupts Organs in Animals, and

Petition to the FDA:  Label My Food!

See a select few of you on Monday in Lyman…for those who missed registration for this week, it’s not too late to get in to 10/17 Spiritual or our series closer, 10/26 Ethical! Email to reserve a spot today!