Future Ethics

To those who have been wondering what’s next for Ethics of Eating, rest assured–plans for future events are under way! I wanted to publish the notes from the most recent discussion of the Ethics of Eating planning team, so that our loyal followers could make contributions and suggestions.

One item that may be of particular interest to some of you is that we plan to offer an internship toward helping plan future EoE events. The details are not yet clear (whether or not it would be offered for credit, etc.), but let me know (caroline.e.savage@gmail.com) if this opportunity interests you.

What worked?

  • Branding EoE; a Newhouse student provided great posters, logos, etc. to keep us recognizable around campus
  • Having participants register in advance to decrease the amount of waste the events generated
  • Offering the meals for free
  • Having a planning group with participants from diverse backgrounds
  • Using blogs and Facebook to communicate about the series
  • Striving to make all members of the SU community (and beyond) feel welcome and included
  • Small group discussions

What might we change?

  • Hosting the events on Monday nights only means that some people will always be excluded (particularly students who have Monday night classes). We could move the seminars to another night, or host a 1-2 day conference, condensing several themes into a few days (as opposed to six weeks, as it was this year)
  • Have one seminar dedicated just to participant conversations
  • Allow participants to create their own topics for small group discussion
  • Have presenters submit an outline to the organizers of what they plan to speak about in advance of the presentation, so organizers and presenters can work closely together to ensure that the presenters’ messages fit the theme of the series
  • Create a general information flyer available throughout the series that informs participants of our commitment to composting as much waste as possible, contact information for organizers, information about the series sponsors, etc.
  • Revise the registration process

What’s next for Ethics of Eating?

  • We need to find funding–we’d prefer to continue offering meals for free
  • We hope to be able to offer an internship for students interested in helping with Ethics of Eating, so that they can list their experience helping to organize the event on a resume. Contact me if interested. We may also enlist interns from Health Services to help with the next event(s)
  • We’d like to plan a spring event; a reception with activist groups who can inform students about local ways to get involved in the food movement was suggested
  • A few topics for the next seminar series were suggested:
    • Engaged activism: offer the organizers of the SU/ESF food co-op the opportunity to lead a session, invite Occupy Syracuse to talk about Occupy/food politics
    • Food/body image
    • Religious/spiritual
    • Urban and suburban food production
    • An open-ended session